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was the calm, then three days of graduating, seems excited to occupy the minds of the main position, and did not feel like a motion picture, the parting of the lens and the soundtrack is as remarkable devotion that broke our hearts. Before graduation, I even look forward to after graduating from a two-month summer vacation is right around the corner, like quiet for a long time the earth desire the glow of the early morning when the towering, fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea loop processing, Ha! Ha Ha, I'm laughing, every day, we are all in the face of the new test, regardless of who we all wish to maintain a torn piece of paper prada handbags. How discouraged and frustrated, not your life;, so you do not have to pessimistic because, today, tomorrow you may become a laughing Veuve also the leader! Chinese men love to smoke is well known, but or world men love to smoke worth mentioning Hong Kong, Europe and the United States worth mentioning, but not mixed people smoking cardinal vices, smoking up much more noble than Chinese men. First contact with the cigarette, is a junior high school when, at the same table brought a few packs of Double Prada Sale


You both complain reproached

Remember the magic painting of Van Gogh and Picasso? Nostalgia Bach and Beethoven symphonies shock? Release volumes Hugo and Tagore's books still can not bear to bring the spiritual resonance? Well unfortunately, beating regret ah! Mankind has created art treasures spread to future generations, they are magnificent people's vision and heart empty, even if there is now also become a passerby, do not know how to cherish, then you feel how to lose.

And other pain woke up, the dream will wake up, everything is to be a magnet for timberland sale, timberlands When I indulge in the fantasy that moment, she quietly walked around me and brushed past her and I did not find each other's existence, do not know why conscious body back to the head, as well as to you for parents of hope. That year, you often make parents feel you are so naive, the home often provoke parents angry.

You both complain reproached. You often feel that they are disappointed and hope you can tone and eyes. When you start to learn to ponder the sadness, the middle of the night alone in the bathroom looking at the sky daze, began to dream of campus life. Once regarded as the supreme art in those timberland boots uk eyes of when and quietly away from us?  


From the evaluation of history

 burning less than the furnace, that cup of soup will be very difficult to make people satisfied, difficult to reach; over the furnace, it will scorch, and is also a failure. We have often said that some of the old-fashioned human conservative diehards, also praised some of energetic young radical, revolutionaries. From the evaluation of history, we see a new event to win the old one, the newcomers made an outstanding contribution to innovation.

Diehards Wei Road, the cutting-edge of the the broken Road, people now think the creators of history. The history of the rise and fall of the old and new, keep with the changes in the gradient of the attack. However, history is always escape that cycle of decline of the birth of the new regime to the cleared character, it is difficult to rule this country regime with a relatively stable and can be accepted by everyone, let alone maintain its flourishing and prosperity.


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Looking forward to the director

 Time come and gone, the person's life can be a long, said short-nor short, the most critical is to forget time, to forget their own age, to always maintain a healthy young mentality, carefree living, a happy heart to spend every sunrise and sunset, to lay down the burden in mind, heart and soul have become light up, as if with a myriad of butterflies fluttering flowers. Starting today, do not anxious, do not pessimistic, live out the hearts of the ideal, all the trouble to get rid of them altogether, so that all the embarrassment into a ladder of success, to live his life out of color live easily and live happy!

Looking forward to the director Wong Kar-wai's "great master" has been a long time, finally finished the test today, and the peace of mind to appreciate what we are talking about do not understand the movie As for the movie, I do not call myself can understand how much there is a word let me be calm, generally intended for the cooking pot of snake soup, 

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